Thursday, June 15, 2017

Outdoor Kitchen Remodel Basic Tips

By Edward Robinson

Kitchen is the place where people cook, store and prepare food and where every related utensils are being kept. This is where related appliances are placed also such as dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator and others. Even though these functions are the main ones in this room, it could also serve as an area for entertaining, dining and laundry.

This area is usually inside the house but other families are starting to discover the benefits of cooking outside in their garden. It is a great way for entertaining your guests because you can socialize while they wait for the food to be cooked. Here are some basic tips for outdoor kitchen remodel Tarrant County that you can use when planning to have one.

Set up functional zones just like you would for your indoor kitchen by applying good design principles. There must be cold, hot, wet and dry areas with enough space between them so they work effectively together. A spot where your guests can hang around should be included also so you could talk with them without interrupting the flow of your work.

There are similarities between indoor and the outdoor kitchen and a few differences particularly the exposure to elements is greater for the outside ones. There are no walls also so additional options for cooking are available like grilling and smoking. During the design step, plan how the areas will work together during food preparation.

Select materials and equipment with low maintenance which are made to endure how harsh they are being used in the area outside. You will use all of them more often if they can be easily cleaned making this investment a not wasted one. They must withstand high temperatures particularly the counters and patio and could survive cold climates if you ever live in one.

Complement its design with the architecture and landscape of your home by using compatible materials and incorporating subtle details. Make the entire outdoor area a single functional plan where dining, cooking and pool areas coexist. Your cook must not be isolated with the rest of the people by planning the traffic flow properly.

Use shade, heaters and rain shelters so outdoor entertaining seasons could be extended through the use of pergolas, shade trees and awnings. Combustible awnings must not be placed above the grill to avoid it being on fire so remember this one. You may use portable propane or natural gas heaters under the counters or patios.

Plan out where to best install all the necessary utilities such as electrical supply, gas and water that is practical. Incorporate entertainment options when designing like placing speakers for music where everyone can hear it. The television must be placed also where it can deliver a good picture even though in bright sunlight.

Provide adequate lights so you can do some tasks even when its already dark and ambient lights to supplement the atmosphere. Consider your needs and the available equipment when designing by determining the way you cook indoor and outdoor. Other things to be considered are the number of people you usually entertain and if you do the cooking yourself during parties or you hire a chef.

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