Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Renata Watch Batteries - Types And Prices

By Jerry Phillips

So, your watch has stopped working. Either that, or time stopped at 10:15am. Either way, you probably need a new watch battery - if you've gone to the store, you probably realize the many choices you have in front of you. There are different prices, types, sizes and choices. If you're not sure where to look, you're going to be very, very confused. And if you choose the wrong Renata watch batteries, you could hurt your watch, and end up buying a new battery sooner than you would like.

Tools required-For any operation, tools are necessary and for this one you are going to require a pair of scissors, a pin (a wire), and a timepiece with a back that can screw open and surprisingly not much of a new battery because you have no idea of the timepiece battery yet. Choosing a classy timepiece means choosing an original product with one of a kind parts.

Therefore, unless you know the serial number of your timepiece battery and ensure that is original and compatible to your timepiece, do not bother using any other battery. With these tools in hand, you can start the operation.

Old and used batteries sometimes find their way into the new timepieces and because of their flawed design, they have leaks and power drains faster than normal. Or it could be a result to over exposure to the elements, which include the rain, the sun, and even exposure to chemicals and radiation from other sources. You could short out the battery in your timepiece pretty easily and you need to be careful.

However, these will only last you a few months - six at most - and you're going to have to invest in another one. It's a hassle to have to keep changing your battery again and again, but if you're looking for a cheap way to power your timepiece, this is it.

Take the battery off- With the help of the pin, you can take off the battery by sliding it gently under the battery and applying some little effort to pop it out. This should take you a few seconds. Once you have taken off the battery, look at it closely to note its serial number. With that knowledge, you can proceed to the shop to get a new battery compatible to your timepiece. When replacing it, ensure to keep the positive side up. Put things back together again and your timepiece will running like before.

Lithium- The lithium battery is, without a doubt, the most expensive timepiece battery. But it is for good reason - these batteries have the highest capacity, and can last the longest. How long? Up to ten years, maybe longer, depending on your timepiece, how powerful it is, and what you do with it. You shouldn't use a lithium battery on a high drain timepiece, however. Check your timepiece's manual to see what sort of drain it takes on the timepiece.

Also, high-dollar watches should always be brought to a jeweler, because you'd hate to ruin an expensive watch. I hope this guide has helped you out and that you are now familiar with the whole process of replacing your cells like a pro.

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