Wednesday, June 28, 2017

With Divorce Lawyers Bellevue WA Couples Can Separate In A Dignified Manner

By Melissa Perry

Finding out that a couple within the family or circle of friends are getting divorced hardly raise comment these days. In fact, many people are amazed when they learn that a couple has been married for many years, as if that is the exception. Nevertheless, long marriages used to be the rule. Even though it is commonplace, divorcing can still be a hurtful and stressful process. At least, by hiring divorce lawyers Bellevue WA couples can be sure that they will get the best advice.

Marriage is supposed to be all about love and commitment, but the fact is that it is also a complex legal agreement between two consenting adults. When couples separate, this legal agreement has to be dismantled and this can be complicated, especially if the couple has children. If neither partner can agree on the terms of the separation, the case will become a contested one.

Apart from the stress inherent to contested cases it is also important to keep in mind that they can be extremely costly. Each party will have to hire a separate attorney and clients must expect to pay many thousands of dollars just in court expenses. A further disadvantage is that these cases are heard in open court. This means that every tiny detail pertaining to the lives of the separating couple is available for public scrutiny.

Most sensible couples opt for an uncontested separation. They sit together, discuss all the issues that are involved in the separation, and them come to a joint agreement on these issues. Once this is done, they simply hire an attorney to draw up a formal separation agreement. This is then presented to the judge in his chambers and the matters is thus finalized quickly and confidentially.

There is, in fact, not even a real need to pay an attorney at all. Couples that separate amicably can hire the services of specially trained and licenced counsellors to draw up their separation agreements. This course of action costs a fraction of the fees charged by an attorney. Critics warn however, that some counsellors can be biased and that they sometimes do not inform their clients of all their rights.

Psychologists and counsellors say that couples should try everything possible to rekindle the original spark that attracted them to each other. If their is truly no hope for the relationship, then everything possible should be done to make sure that the separation is achieved amicably, especially when there are children involved. In most cases it is the children that suffer most and the development of mental conditions such as depression and anxiety is not uncommon.

There are some cases when it is necessary to divorce immediately, even if the process is fraught with disagreements and stress. Nobody should ever agree to remain in an abusive relationship, regardless of whether such abuse is emotional, physical or sexual. The success rate quoted by counsellors in such cases are very low indeed. The abused partner needs to act immediately, even if it is necessary to get help from the authorities.

In days gone by couples were required to attend counselling sessions before walking down the aisle. This is no longer the case, unfortunately. Marriage is a serious affair and it is vital to weigh all the factors before taking the final step.

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