Friday, June 16, 2017

Benefits Of Diaspora Support Services

By Walter Cook

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Over the years the rate at which people move from one nation to another has been on the increase. This could be attributed to the fact that in the modern society people are always on the lookout for better opportunities than those at home. Sometimes, it is because of lack of facilities or the right environment in their motherland. In a majority of cases, what drives this trend is the need to seek employment opportunities, academic opportunities, and tourism. These people in foreign nations are the main stakeholders that drive the diaspora support services. Below are the benefits of their contribution.

Most of the individuals in foreign nations are part of a social network or community who often share positive ideas about how they could help their countries. In most case, help come in the form financial aid to family members. Such kind of assistance leads to improved living condition to a majority of the families.

There are several job opportunities created by companies who offer services to the community of citizens living abroad. Since most members often send money home, financial firms act as the medium of transfer. These companies create a lot of job opportunities for many skilled professionals.

The contribution of citizens living abroad to education sector is also significant. Most of the people who got their expertise in foreign countries, especially in developed nations, often transfer those skills to others at home. This could, in turn, lead to improved quality of education in those countries. They could also become consultants for their governments. These are the best people to offer help in formulating the policies of a country. The diaspora community can also link others firms or consultancies at home to international partners who could benefit from international benchmarking.

Members of a nation living abroad are in a better place to build more networks and grow as a person. Besides this, they can also land other opportunities which could be useful to their home country. Such opportunities could be shared with fellow countrymen, thus, resulting in positive growth for the motherland.

Financial support from citizens abroad forms a huge part of foreign direct investments. These individuals are either investing for themselves or investing for their loved ones. Sometimes, members of diaspora community can get access to investment instruments offered by their motherland. The government is the main beneficiary from such investments. More investments mean more revenue for the country and more employment opportunities to it citizens.

Another area where it benefits the most from individuals living abroad is healthcare. Given that a proper health care system leads to a better productivity of the population, so any form of aid to the sector can trickle down to positive development for the country. The community could help in terms of monetary support, skills, medicine, and equipment.

Basically, there are uncountable ways in which diaspora community is beneficial to home countries. The members of this community make the highest percentage of people who are giving back to society. In overall, their help has led to improved standard living.

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