Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hytera Two Way Radio Basic Tips

By Dennis Sullivan

Two way radios could both transmit as well as receive signals which allows the operators to converse with each other using the same frequency. Usually, they operate by letting you either talk or listen but not simultaneously and a button should be pressed when you need to talk. This is called a half duplex mode whereas full duplex mode is when simultaneous talking and listening is allowed.

Most business establishments use half duplex radios because of their durability and battery life which last for around twelve hours. You may buy a Hytera two way radio for your workers to use in communicating with each other during work. Hare are some basic tips when using these devices when communicating with other people.

Prepare the things you will be saying beforehand because when the button is pressed, you will be the only one that would be heard. They can not interrupt you in this time so your message must be said immediately and let others talk too. Pressing it when not speaking will block possible emergency communication to be transmitted and the battery is drained faster.

Immediately identify yourself and the recipient of your message when you have initiated the transmission. Your aim of doing this is for you to have the attention of the recipient when the same channel is being shared by numerous people. They would acknowledge first that their attention is on to you so you could then start talking after.

Have patience and wait for them to respond because it is possible for them to have some things needed to be done before you call their attention again. Pause after pushing the button and before speaking because short delays are possible when transmitting. The first words might be cut off and waiting a second before speaking helps in making sure the whole message is heard.

Keep your transmission concise, clear and short so that others can either acknowledge or request for clarification before saying your next point. They would usually repeat what you said so that you will know they heard and understood it. Otherwise, they would be asking you to repeat yourself so they can listen to what it is again.

Manners are very critical during personal communication but this may be dropped when using radios so precious time will not be taken. Saying thanks at times is allowed but too much politeness is unnecessary when using this device. Use some code terms which is understandable by every radio users and it helps to shorten your intended message.

Your conversation is not always private and other unintended parties may be able to hear what you are talking about. They may be tuned in to the same frequency so do not discuss private matters with fellow users. The terms used as a code may be used instead for additional security specially those that are specific within your company.

Always remember to have your device charged every after the working hours end so that they would be at full power the next day. Have someone assigned to be responsible in charging them when the day ends. Or have each one of your employee responsible for charging their own radio.

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