Thursday, May 11, 2017

Some Of The Problems In Maryland Screen Printing And Their Remedies

By Sarah Sanders

One of the efficient printing techniques in our society is printing from the screen. It does not matter if it is prepared from paper, silk, or other products. However, Maryland screen printing at times might be challenging to armatures. The article will highlight some of the problems that they are likely to face and the best way to deal with them.

One of the common issues is getting bleeding of colors. This occurs when the pigment or the printing paste used in the process is watery. In case the dye used is thin then each time it is being registered it will bleed to the areas that surround and this might end up damaging the cloth. So as to deal with this issue, it is best to make sure that the paste used in printing is thick so that it does not bleed.

Another annoying problem that you might deal with when you are doing this venture is having significant gaps left especially after you have done repeats. Doing repeats is not easy, and you need to strategies how you will do it right. Otherwise, you will end up with the gaps. This only happens if one does not calculate the repeat, it is best to check and double check to avoid such complications.

If you are new in this scheme, you might not know where to place the repeats. To deal with this, you need to use colored chalk to mark the repeats on that cloth, and this will help one know where they will be placing each repeat. The other solution is placing of colored strands at the edge of the design and when doing a repeat all one need to do is to put the screen directly on the strands.

The other thing that you should watch out for is soiling of the cloth. Note that if you do not block the pores, then you might end up with this problem. That is the reason that you should apply a tape around the edge; it will make the print clean and well done since there will be no spillage on the sides.

Having the colored pigments not being distributed is also another issue that you might end up facing. If this is the situation, you might end up with the formation of patches. If you want to have a paste that is evenly distributed, then it is best to make sure that the pigments you use are enough. The other thing you should do is pull the squeegee well.

Pinholes is also another issue that one is likely to face. Many reasons might lead to pinholes like the mesh might have some gum or oil which are dirty. If you do not want to deal with the pinholes, it is best to wash the mesh so that you can get rid of any impurities. Make sure that the products you are using are clean.

The coating is also another thing that can be used to create pinholes in the display. However this will not happen if the coating is well done, you should make sure that you do it more than once so that you might get the desired outcome. If you do it once, when washing the fabric, you will find that there are pinholes. Thus, it is best to have a repeat once or twice before you get the developing done.

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