Thursday, May 18, 2017

Advantages Of CT Real Estate School

By Lisa Green

California is one of the largest states in the United States of America. It is the third largest, and it hosts various cultures. When it comes to renting or settling, California always has something to offer. The state have CT real estate school. IT is also home to urban facilities and has got several metropolitan cities. In this state, landlords have specific rules that they must follow when it comes to renting to tenants. The following is a discussion of some of the rules.

Landlords must comply with Anti-Discrimination rules. Before a tenant advertises a vacant apartment in California, he or she is required to understand the fair housing law that have been put in place. This includes how they conduct themselves when interviewing tenants. Failure to strictly follow and respect the law might end up in discrimination complaint. This is one way of making sure that no tenant will be discriminated.

The landlord is expected to provide good living conditions within the premises of apartment. He should ensure that the premises are tidy on a daily basis and repairs are done on time and adequately so as to make it habitual for the tenants living in his apartments. A landlord should establish a system to repair and maintain the apartments premises just so as to be on the safer side and avoid problems with his tenants.

Privacy of tenants should be valued. Landlords are not supposed to enter the rented out apartments anyhow without considering the privacy of tenants. The laws of this state stipulates that a landlord should write a notice before visiting the houses of his tenants.

While evicting a tenant or terminating a tenancy, the landlord should follow exact procedures to avoid problems. There are laws of state that specify on the time and the right procedures of terminating a tenancy. Failure to following these important legal rules may result in delays during terminating of a tenancy. These rules are very specific and should be followed to the latter.

Strong and punitive action is taken against landlords who retaliate against their tenants. Tenants are free to exercise their legal rights and air out their views on the progress of the conditions of the premises. Landlords should not retaliate against tenants who complain about increase in rent or poor maintenance of facility.

Preparation of legal written lease or rental agreements. A contractual basis of relationship between the tenant and the landlord is set out when they both sign legal rental agreement or lease . It has details such as how long the tenant should occupy the premises and the amount he should pay on a monthly basis.

The above rules are just some of the important rules to follow so as to make a good and successful landlord in the state of California. They help in terms of not falling into problems with tenants. This is to ensure a healthy relationship between the two parties.

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