Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Implementation Of A Tighter American Airport Security Process

By Peter Fox

The growing number of terrorist attacks all over the world has compelled extensive studies for the improvement of the safety system in America. The American Airport security has recently imposed and implemented a stricter safety and precautionary measures. People are getting frustrated because of the long safety queues, which often leads to flight delays. While the US Homeland Security Secretary is finding means to address the problem, it still continues to receive complaints regarding the long queues at the Airport.

The common complaints reported are in line with the exceedingly longer queuing time, which resulted to passengers missing their flights. For people with a tight budget, missing a flight is already a problem because this would mean staying at the terminal overnight. There are also reports regarding air crafts holding off flights because several booked passengers are still queuing for boarding.

According to the admission security, the imposition of a tighter checking process is purposely done because terrorists are also using variable strategies just to make sure they are able to penetrate and attack the place of their mission.

It is probably unknown to many that safety measures begin even before the arrival of the passenger at the boarding area and until the passenger reaches his or her destination. The Transportation Security Admission is working very closely with intelligence and law enforcement agencies to achieve the highest level of transportation safety.

Any suspicious action inside the runway and landing strips, for example an endeavor to enter a confined and prohibited zone, leaving bags and other things purposefully, and bringing of perilous weapons that may posture dangers to different travelers and runway specialists are specifically detailed by the Transportation Admission staff to the law implementation. This is the reason they keep it their most extreme priority to check every individual going in and out the place.

The only drawback that the government is trying to address is that the overall security process takes for more than thirty minutes for a person. Thus, at this moment, they are seeking means to really provide an alternative system that would offer both a high level of safety and a shorter time for checking. They are looking into improving the alarm systems to easily identify people with suspicious actions.

Another reason is that they have to follow a standard procedure in checking the luggage of the person traveling, much more the traveler himself or herself. Otherwise, they will be fired out at work just like what happened last week when the transportation security administration fired out twenty-eight of its agents and suspended fifteen agents because of their failure on checking the bags that they put inside the planes at Honolulu International Airport. This just shows that the said agency is really strict in the observance of the standard procedures for safety checking.

In cases when you want to travel, it is beneficial on your part if you can get at the terminal at least four hours before your flight. This will give you ample time to undergo the necessary safety inspection, as well as prevent you from missing a flight. It can be noted that as of now, despite the complaints of most travelers, the security government cannot compromise the overall safety due to pressures in long queues. The assigned authorities prioritize the accomplishment of their mission over the public demands on shorter time allowable for check up.

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