Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tips To Choosing Digital Copiers Denver

By Dennis Thompson

There are many really good copier manufacturers, like Canon, Epson, HP, Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox, etc. All you have to do is understand your business or individual requirements and consider a few points so that making the choice won't be a problem. Don't worry, it's not a very daunting task if do your research well enough. The following are tips to buy your Digital Copiers Denver

Manufacturers Don't Make Money on Used Copiers. The truth is manufacturers simply do not make any money on used copiers. They might make money off of toner or ink cartridges for the used machines, but there is no money for manufacturers in the market exchange of used copiers.

New Machines Are Not Better Than Used ones. Beware the myth put forth by manufacturers that new is always better than used. Oftentimes used machines have capabilities that closely match newer versions, so don't be tricked into buying new when you can purchase perfectly serviceable used machines. Technology moves fast, but not as fast as the manufacturers would lead you to believe. Has paper and toner really changed that much in the last 15 years? Do you really need a new copier?

Volume - Volume means the ability of a copier to make copies as quick as possible in the least time. If you are going to require a heavy duty copier, then you need a copier that will provide a high volume turnover and speed. The speed of a copier is dependent on the pages per minute. The basic copier today has a monthly volume of 10,000 copies at 15 pages per minute.

The True Cost of a Copier Requires Factoring In Maintenance. Manufacturers don't want you to know that machines are not made to last forever, simply because they make more money selling new machines, not by selling parts. There is simply more competition in this space. While this seems less than ethical, this is pretty common practice.

Feed Systems Feed systems are the rollers and mechanisms that pull in your copy paper to make copies. Paper jams are the most frustrating thing that a person can have with a copier. Office club type copiers have inferior systems that feed the paper in and as you make larger copier runs the dependability is much less than a business type copier.

Fax Machines - Some copiers today come with facilities to both send and receive faxes so that when you receive a fax, it will be directly printed. This saves you the headache of buying a separate fax machine. You can send or receive even multi page faxes. If you are connected with a network card, then you can even send the fax from your desk.

Used machines are already discounted due to their used status, and copier leasing makes sense because you are essentially paying for maintenance and rental of the unit, without the headache of disposing of it or deciding when it's time to push out a large sum of cash to buy a new copier. Copier leasing helps you have one less thing to worry about!

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