Saturday, July 8, 2017

Strategies Used By Husbands To Avoid Divorce Financing

By Kevin Schmidt

Coming up with ways of unto which they are not held liable for anything that does not give them comfort after they get separated with their wives. They will deduce diplomatic means to skip divorce Financing by lying about everything. Below are some of the ploys they use although they do not always work out for them all the time.

The first thing that they always consider doing is get into some form of financial debts. This is intended to tell the court that they are into some serious financial crisis and they cannot be up to the task with the financial claims that the wife wants. What the court has to do is look into the claims the husband is putting forward and the manner in which they started happening and at what time.

Investigations can be carried out to determine the validity of the claims. If it is discovered that the husband entered into the financial debts after the case started, then their claims are not like to hold water because it will be viewed as a strategy to run away from other kinds of responsibility.

He can also stand up in court and boldly claim to be having a meager salary that he cannot be able to raise the cash the wife is demanding for. Such a claim only holds if the court does not ask him to bring evidence that shows indeed he earns the amount that he has told the court which can be something hard for him because he apparently gave a small figure.

The law also gives their partners all power to get everything that is about their salary and how they have been spending for one year. If it is found out that he has a salary contrary to what he told the judge, then there is also no way he can escape from financing his wife during their separation.

The husband can as well try to devote to his family members and other people. He takes up the task of maintaining some family members, and he does this by transferring funds to them when a witness is present. The sense that this one brings into perspective is that the law mandates on to help their family members such as parents and younger siblings in case they need his financial support.

For foreign wives, he can hatch a plan whereby he takes back their validation materials from the responsible organs of government. This is in a bid to depict her as an immigrant to be deported back to their country. The husband is not supposed to initiate this when the case is in motion because his motive is usually to get the wife not filing a case against him.

Claims that the spouse is a criminal can also be another strategy. They are important and fatal grounds to trade on because if he does not have the evidence to back that up, then the allegations which are false can rightly come back to haunt him. It is usually done with the idea if intimidating the wife behind it so that she can drop the charges she has leveled against him.

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