Sunday, July 16, 2017

Discover Some Of The Most Interesting Facts About Charities

By Pamela Ward

Charities exist because they are a means for people to donate their resources for a certain cause that they believe in. Often times, these organizations come into existence in order to raise money for people who are in need. This typically includes people who are victims of a natural disaster or those who need support after facing traumatizing events.

In the world today, there are plenty of charitable projects and each has its own distinct purpose and goals they want to achieve within a time period. Just like the charities West Africa projects, their top priority is helping adults and children who need materials and financial support to get back up on their feet. This article will be relaying the most fascinating facts about these projects.

Donating to organization is not the only way to offer help. In fact, statistics show that the most common way men and women donate is through offering some loose change to the homeless population. Volunteering is another way that does not require spending any money.

Social media is highly popular these days and everybody who has a phone or computer has at least one social media profile they use on a daily basis. Realizing this, many charities create accounts and pages to increase their visibility to spread their cause much quicker. Through the use of electronic payment methods and online forms, donating is now much more convenient than it was years ago where you had to go to an official branch and wait in line.

The companies which benefit the most are those under the category of social services, and health charities. These are the top two categories that adults care about the most because they are more likely to help when it involves them. Religious groups are in the number three spot due to their vast amount of believers.

Statistics show that charities will get the highest number of donations in the last three months of each year. Adults often receive their bonuses and other extra income from their work during these months, which means they have extra income to spend however they want. It is also known that Christmas is often the time when most cultures encourage the act of giving.

Furthermore, it is known that twenty two percent of giving occurs during the last two days of the year. Adults will often have a lot of extra money to spend and most of them will consider giving it to others instead of spending it for their own. However, during the months of January to September, the percentage of giving goes down by a large amount.

There are some insurance companies that offer their clients the option to donate to their preferred charity group. Various insurance companies will have different plans for their clients, some will require a monthly fee, while others do a onetime payment. This will depend on the policy each company has, so it is best to inquire with them directly.

Also, the most generous countries in the world are not necessarily the richest, or the biggest. Most generous countries differ drastically in terms of economy, geography, and politics. In fact, the list of most giving nations includes Qatar, Liberia, and Trinidad which are all developing nations who do not necessarily have the best economic state.

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