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Amazing Types Of Services Involved In ALTA Survey Atlanta Georgia

By Ann Nelson

ALTA survey is a property analysis prepared for minimum requirements set forth by title firms and other land association. This type of service is often required by lending institutions and title companies before conducting any land transactions or refinancing. This shows improvements and the right way of proving the land ownership. The service is done to show improvements of the highest degree that may be required by commercial developers. There are some of the common types of services provided by ALTA survey Atlanta Georgia.

They perform As-built survey to ensure that a particular improvement has been built according to the plan designed. Additionally, it may be used to document the size or location to enable construction of new designs like sewer extensions and additional rooms. Sometimes these services are required by landlords who want to comply with the municipality to ensure code compliance.

Survey maps need certification to show the legal ownership of properties. The land is reduced to small pieces of land that do not exceed four parcels. On the other hand, the same small parcels of land can be united together to form one big portion of land under single ownership. Highways can be constructed on this parcel of land. It is the work of the ALTA surveyors GA to set the boundaries of each land to avoid disputes.

The condominium analysis is among the services that are provided by ALTA survey Atlanta GA. It describes the form of ownership that an individual holds a title to a single unit and fractional interest in common areas. A group may consist part of a subdivided building or land. It describes the details of ownership, associations, terms, and conditions. Surveyors work with the attorney in preparing the documents.

ALTA surveyors are efficient in providing construction staking. The land developers require experts who can help them find the ground level of elevation. This helps them to find a grader that can equalize the ground level to the given measurements by the experts. Therefore, the construction work begins professionally.

The land is widely provided with measurements that show boundaries and right of ownership belonging to an individual. Furthermore, another survey is conducted to determine the new infrastructures that have been developed over the years, this include building, sewerage lines, culverts, and car parking. These are part of the services provided by ALTA survey AG.

Floodplain determination is part of the services provided in ALTA survey. This is mostly done in dangerous water areas like lowlands and lands adjoining rivers. This helps to provide an insurance rate map to determine the floodplain location. Therefore, plan amendments of inaccurate areas can be done. Flood studies can also be done on the areas that assessment had not been previously conducted.

Topographic land assessment is also conducted to show the natural features of a parcel of land. This map grades and elevates the land by use of contour lines. This type of service can be used to define valleys, drainage patterns, and wooden areas. The topographic services may include improvements such as roads, buildings, and water drainages. This determines the approximate location of properties on the land.

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